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Commerce Server Tools
A collection of tools and samples for all versions of Commerce Server

Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a site called GotDotNet and on this site the Commerce Server team published a large number of really useful internal and community tools. When GotDotNet disappeared so did the tools and all that was left was people saying "I remember there used to be a tool that...".

We have been able to find all of these missing tools and they are now back again for you to use, along with all of the source. We have not gone through each of these tools and tested them, there are basically as-is from the day GotDotNet was shut down, so this is definitely a case of buyer-beware.

Going forward we are going to use this project as a place to share new tools that we develop, and if you have any utilities that you have written and would like to share them then please let us know and we will add them into the source tree. Additionally if you find any bugs in the existing tools feel free to submit a changeset and we will merge it in.

Getting Started
For a list of all of the tools on the site go to the Tool List

You can find a list of other projects that are out on the interweb here Other Projects

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